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The digital solution linking
your head office with
remote offices and
construction sites.

Markup in real time.

More than just a plan viewer.

Better communications with project staff.

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Quality Assurance

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It's the speed and ease of finding a building plan, that will impress you!

Apple iPad

Android Tablets

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View on a device or big screen

Mark-ups instantly available to share

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Eliminate plan printing costs.

Up to date plan register.

Add bookmarks, notes and photos.

No Limitations
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SitePRO Log is the affordable solution for sharing and viewing building plans in real time

Building Subtrades

Set out and dimension slab penetrations.

Position plant & equipment.

Forgotten a plan? Not with SitePRO Log!

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Cabinet Info

View on a big screen

No carting around bulky plans. Share plans instantly
No Dropbox - No uploads

Extra Information

No, it sits on your Windows 10 or 11 computer for security reasons.

It then has a private cloud connection from your device to your office computer. It then offers the benefits that cloud offers, except you are totally secure.

100% of your building plans, compliance certificates, documents and photos remain on your computer hard drive.

You do not lose any of it.

Also, you can never be told that you will lose any information due to it not being supported.

Yes, the first subscription covers the control panel software on your computer.

Then at any time add or remove the extra number of users to suit the expansion of your company.

If it was a glitch which is always possible even after years of testing, use the Help / Assistance form.

The same applies for general information.

There are training videos and Podcasts to make learning easy.

No, there are no hidden cost and no surprises..

Even the Training is free, it can be accessed 24 / 7 and is excellent for new staff. .

We started hearing that two decades ago and made SitePRO Log as user friendly as possible.

If you can use a smart phone you are almost there.

The tap and draw will impress you, as will the adding of dimension lines and symbols.

SitePRO Log is a ‘Whole of Building Life manager.

For the same subscription fee, you can manage all your building plans, documents, photos, QA, compliance and certification.

Of cause you may want to increase the number of users.

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